5 steps to stop a crime happening in public

14 September 2018 / By REACT

I had seen a lot of people posting some of the videos in which a girl was being attacked in the middle of the road in front of the crowd and no one was able to protect the victim. This is a very serious and a pathetic situation for each and every one of us. What the hell is happening with our society?

It is also observed that many of us are commenting about it, stating that "Is there no one to protect her, shame on our people and xyz..." I can say that in the crowd there were at least some people, who wanted to help her, but they don't know what to do in that situation and everyone is scared what if the attacker attacks him or her. Today I am going to tell you 5 steps which you have to take if you face a similar situation, and also how to stop the crime which is happening in front of your eyes and keep yourself safe as well.

In self-defense, when someone suddenly attacks any single person in the crowd we call this situation as the lone wolf attack, which is becoming a more dangerous and common crime nowadays. Every day I can see some terrorist attacking the crowd or a psychopath attacks people or some insane person trying to kill a targeted person in the crowd. Many want to help, but since they don't know what to do combined with the fear of getting attacked, they eventually back out and hence, not be able to react in that situation. Today I am going to share with you 5 tricks on how you must react and protect the victim and also keep yourself safe in such a situation.

Step 1: Shouting

Shout, shout, and shout. Shout the hell out of it. Shouting is a very common thing which we do when we see some dangerous thing happening. It is a natural reflex and this reflex can be used as a self-defense weapon to get the crowd together thus to make them to attack the attacker. Whenever an attack happens you have to shout and keep telling what is happening there. Many people in the crowd don't know what is happening and they run away by seeing others running. But when you tell them shouting for help what is happening there 75% of the chances say that people will gather together and attack back.

Step 2: Throwing

Whenever you see someone being attacked in the crowd, first take anything which is there around you and throw it on the attacker. It can be glasses, plates, bags, shoes, stones or anything which can distract the attacker and also keep him engaged into a defensive mode. The attacker always loves to complete these kinds of attack in very less time and with surprise if that time is wasted he might try to run away or there are lots of chances where people around gets out of shock and subdue the criminal. When in terror attacks it is very important that first you have to take cover and then start throwing something on them. (How to deal with terror I will write in the next article.)

Step 3: Shielding

This is a very important step when planning to go close to the attacker and physically neutralize him. Shielding does not mean you have to put a body armor, but you can create any thing around you into a body shield. For example, the best one is backpack, immediately remove your backpack from back and put it forward. This acts as a very power full shield. Or anything like chair, plate, jackets wrap around to your hand etc. can be used for shielding. Only after properly shielding yourself, then go to help others.

Step 4: Pushing and pulling using make shift weapons and running

This is a very important trick when the only option is to go close to attacker and stop him who is busy attacking his victim. Always approach from back of the attacker and push him or pull him from the victim and run away from him and again come from behind and distract him by pushing or pulling and if you can get some weapon like stick, stone or anything; use it on the attacker and run away. This will keep him getting distracted and there are many chances that the crowd around will gain confidence to attack him in the same way. You can watch hunting dogs also does the same thing if they want to distract a lion from its pray.

Step 5: Physically taking control of the attacker

If there is no other chance and you have to fight with the attacker, first shield yourself properly and try to use any make shift weapons available around you. Always remember "fools fights bare hands". (I will cover about make shift weapons and how to learn using them in next article). When you go close to him always grab the attacking hand first and then keep attacking him continuously into the groins with your knees till you get control and be able to neutralize the attacker to put him down on the ground on his stomach because in that position he cannot attack you and you can have a complete control. This is the trick which I teach it to the cops and force to subdue the criminal. And always ask for help from others to control the attacker. Call the cops and ambulance immediately.

Note: There can be situations where you may need to improvise these tactics and use them in different ways. "Good. Change them n use it."


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