25 October 2019 / By REACT
THE WEIRDEST AND DANGEROUS WEAPONS WHICH I FACED IN STREET FIGHTING Hi, I have 30+ years of experience in learning and teaching reality based street fighting and martial arts. In my personal life, I had been into lots of street fights (not just some small road rages of amateurs but the most dangerous street fights involving professionals) Many people think, to learn street fighting you have to learn some kind of martial arts and learning some defense techniques like defense against sticks or daggers is more than enough to deal in street fight situations. Many masters also claim that their system is very practical for street fighting scenarios without actually knowing how the real street fights will be. In this article, I am going to talk about some of the weirdest weapons which I had seen and faced in real life street fighting situations. 1) Chilli powder: One of the most dangerous weapon used on the streets to beat those who are stronger. I had seen some of the famous and powerful martial artists getting beaten by street fighters with this weapon. Some of the professional street fighters used to tell me that you should never get into a fight without chilli powder. Sometimes they mix it with water and throw it on the enemies face and immediately attack him with knuckle dusters. If you don’t know how to deal with this weapon, then remember you are going to get beaten up on the streets. 2) Bottles and glass powder: I have seen many street fighters crushing glass into powder and storing it in glasses. This is the most dangerous weapon which when used on enemy’s face can completely make him blind or leave his face forever with scars. Bottle is another weapon which the street fighters use to attack on enemy’s head. It is very dangerous because once broken the glass pieces can pierce into the brain too. 3) Diluted acids: I had faced this weapon once in a real street fight. I was lucky enough to hold his hand before he could put it on my face and luckily it fell on my thigh. There was no serious injury as such (thanks to my thick jeans) and the acid was diluted, but it could have proved to be very serious if put on the face. That’s why I always attack the hand of the opponent if he puts it in the pocket as we don’t know what is going to come out of it as a surprise. 4) Razor blades: It is more lethal of a weapon than daggers. It’s easy to hide and can put the enemy in shock and also can cause many deep cuts. I have seen many street fighters hiding the razor blades in their mouth. As they are very well trained in chewing the blade in mouth, when needed they can use it very effectively on the adversary. When the fight starts, some can even chew the razor blades into small pieces and spit it on the opponent leading to the possibility of harming the eyes. 5) Bricks and stones: I have personally seen one professional street fighter carrying bricks with him whenever he goes to beat someone. They used the bricks to break on opponent’s head one after the other and then finish him. Stones are available anywhere and you can easily use them for throwing or hitting. One more dangerous weapon which I faced was stone tied to a string. It creates fear and many get scared to go close to the person who is carrying that weapon even though it is not so dangerous. 6) Improvised weapons: Anything which is near to you and can be used like a weapon is called an Improvised weapon. Street fighters are experts in using them. So be careful of the fact that anything can come to you like a weapon. Street fighting is not a sport or some small road rage; it is one of most dangerous, dirty, ruthless way of fighting to eliminate the adversaries. So remember one thing on streets you have amateur fighters and professionals. Always be careful with the professionals, as they plan, attack and never fight fair. And in the world of street fighting “ONLY FOOLS FIGHT WITH BARE HANDS.” By, NISHAL YODHA (REACT COMBAT SCHOOL)
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