With 30+ years of experience in learning & teaching martial arts, close quarters combats, self defense & street fighting arts, Master Nischal has developed the REACT Combat system incorporating some of the lethal & practical techniques from traditional Indian martial arts & many other close combat systems. In pursuit of the same, he has also travelled the length & breadth of the world to meet the masters, experts, elite special forces to pickup whatever needed to make you self-defense ready.

The core philosophy behind designing this system is he believes that self-defense should be able to practice by anyone. Thus the curriculum of this program is set in such a way that it can be learnt by anyone in their own pace. The system will teach you a series of easy-to-learn principles and techniques that can carry you through any adverse situations.

The key highlights of this system are as below :


• Simple & Effective

• Easy to learn & practice

• Battle tested practical techniques

• Quickly neutralizes the opponent

• Anybody regardless of gender, age or physical abilities can do it

• Even kids enjoy doing it learning through various games

• Builds up physical strength as well as mental sharpness

• Enhances Neuro-Muscular Co-ordination

• Learn at your own pace as it is the most personalized & practical program ever designed for self-defense•

Enhances Neuro-Muscular Co-ordination

Less techniques applicable in many situations

• Makes you survival ready within weeks

Few techniques, and easy to perform but brutally effective. low learning curve. combat ready in a week. no frills. no unnecessary ceremonial. no philosophy. except for one –

kill or get killed.





When it comes to combat or fighting, Master Nischal has more than three decades of experience gained through various practical situations. He has undergone training in the dark arts of unarmed combat with many elite forces and legendary masters from India and abroad.

Master Nischal is a black belt holder in Judo, Jujutsu and Karate.

Master Nischal is a certified instructor in Authentic Fu Shen Yuan Taichi and Krav-maga. He is also trained in many deadly combat arts like World War II combat, Indian military unarmed combat etc. He is highly trained in many Indian martial arts like Dommi Sammu, Vajramusti & Mallayudham.

He has done in-depth research in self-defense psychology, body language, awareness and he teaches the same to his students to help win a fight before it starts. He has devised 73 grappling techniques in Combat Grappling System.

In his professional capacity, Master Nischal serves as the director of REACT Academy. He also acts as a consultant for Telangana State Police (Tactical Wing) as well as for other private security agencies. He has created the course Police defensive tactics which has now become an official course for complete Telangana Police. He has also been a mentor / advisor for many special forces in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in India.

Nischal Yodha, meaning the “Peaceful Warrior”, is the title conferred to him by guruji Nataraja Ramakrishna. As an artist of life, he truly lives up to it.

We like peace, but we don’t like if others take liberties.

Nischal Yodha



Our qualified,
trained and
highly skilled
instructors who
makes it possible.

AdityaSr. Instructor
Aditya is a certified senior level instructor trained under Master Nischal. When he is not on the mats, he likes to beat the drums and make music.
ArunSr. Instructor
Arun is a certified senior level instructor trained under Master Nischal’s guidance. His passion & interest has also made him appear before the camera in Mahanati movie.
KeshavSr. Instructor
Keshav has been trained under Master Nischal and currently a certified senior level instructor with Team REACT. His training focuses on Combatives & Combat fitness.


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VENUE : REACT ACADEMYVakula Mansion, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
01 11:00am – 1:00pmDay : Mon – Sun Hyderabad Women Police Training.Chief Trainer : Master NischalAsst. Instructor : Adi / Pratima.
VENUE : REACT ACADEMYVakula Mansion, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
01 9:00am – 1:00pmDate : 27 / 10 / 2018 – 28 / 10 / 2018 Module Training – II. Chief Trainer : Master NischalAsst. Instructor : Adi
02 11:00am – 12:00pmDay : Every Saturday Dialogue with the Master – Episode 5Master Nischal will be discussing about violence
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The lessons given to us on self protection, different artifices to be used when in a dangerous situation, muscle memory and other basic tips on self-defense were extremely beneficial and will remain with us for a lifetime.

S RaghupathyExecutive Director, CII - Godrej GBC, Hyderabad

Sessions were highly interactive, energetic and light hearted in nature. You all demonstrated ingenious and natural steps which were demonstrated to help in self defense. The girls practiced and were able to demonstrate techniques whenever required. These tactics are practical and very effective in nature.

m j
m j
10:12 26 Sep 19
Dedicated efforts to make the society aware about the importance of self defense , personal defense. This has to be a part of our educational system. Good luck React Academy!read more
Shwetha Vegulla
Shwetha Vegulla
02:23 23 Sep 19
I have had an extremely great experience at REACT personally and professionally.My son who is 6yrs old joined last summer and has learnt the techniques so well.All thanks to Master Nischal who looks into the details and takes immense interest in training his students. Also, we got a session at my workplace, Darwinbox Digital Solutions and my employees had only praises for the training methods. They thoroughly enjoyed the session and said it is very helpful as it is a realistic form of self defense.I highly recommend everyone to join REACT and take up a session so you know exactly what it is to learn those real tactics which will help you to protect yourself and others around.read more
Varun Raju
Varun Raju
10:03 20 Sep 19
Great teachings by Sh. Nischal Sir and his team of young instructors. Has a very unique way of breaking down the concepts of martial arts moves and teaching you. You are guaranteed to remember the moves for a long time ahead. Very interactive, cooperative and patient in teaching and very fun. Not like all other martial arts coaching centres, in fact the training is oriented towards teaching people about basic yet deadly combinations of self defence aimed to help you in really practical situations that you face on the streets today. Application is guaranteed to bring about a good level of confidence in you. I joined after a free session. Furthermore I was confident at the end of the month with the moves I was equipped with.read more
Santhosh Kamath
Santhosh Kamath
05:56 20 Sep 19
One of the most practical art for the today's world. The Marital Art is very practical and very effective. The women's self defense module taught is very easy and most effective on street. I am glad to be associated with REACT.read more
Madhuri Gogoi
Madhuri Gogoi
16:29 06 Jul 19
It was a fantastic time getting trained under Nischal sir. As a dancer, I often have to travel across the country for performing in various platforms and sometimes it is all alone when you don't feel much confident about visiting a new place with all the unknown circumstances you can expect being a girl. So during my vacation time, I took the plunge to enroll for the self-defense classes at the academy. Actually, the introduction to this amazing teacher & the training program was a gift from my brother and I can proudly say it is by far the most valuable possession I've earned for a lifetime. Within a week long training under his guidance and with the help of other instructors, I have become much more confident about myself as well as in exploring new opportunities. And to my surprise, the tactics taught were much more simpler than I had imagined. Most importantly, the learning process was fun and easy to practice.Highly recommend this training program to anyone, in my opinion particularly to the children & women, who is often an easy victim of lack of proper self-defense.read more
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